Social Security

Consilio helps you with your social security
Council of Maastricht

Consilio helps you with you social Security

In recent times, working from home has increased sharply, especially after Covid. This can have far-reaching consequences for frontier workers, in the sense that the application of social security legislation may shift to the country of residence.

This means that the employer must start paying social security contributions in the employee's country of residence. Or, if this is not the case, the employer must make a notification about working from home - teleworking, to government authorities on the other side of the border for its employees working from home.

Since the introduction of the WNRA Act, things have also changed for government employees because they have lost civil servant status. In Europe you can only be socially insured in one country at a time and this is determined by a European regulation. Consilio Tax & Law is happy to help you.