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Consilio helps you do business

  • International business
  • Questions about national and international VAT, corporation tax, income tax, and tax returns
  • Setting up business structures, in the Netherlands and abroad
  • Doing cross-border business and payroll administration
  • Business transfer

Consilio helps individuals too

  • Advice on moving house over the border
  • We also do income tax returns for people resident in Belgium and Germany
  • Personal income tax return and non-resident income tax returns in Belgium
  • Gross/net comparison of income over the border from the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany
  • Social security over the border
  • Pensions/retirement provision and planning


Looking for tax advice for an international business? Wanting to know how to structure your foreign activities? Should you run them from a Dutch limited company, permanent establishment / permanent representative, or a foreign entity? How will you finance your activities abroad? What about the deduction of interest, and how do you handle currency risks? How can you minimize the deduction of taxes at source, such as dividend tax/withholding tax on movable property? How do you handle transfer pricing, and documentation requirements? What about VAT aspects?

These are just a few of the myriad questions that Consilio can help you with if you are going to do business or invest over the border. With access to an international network, we can provide you with the ultimate service.


Need help with your income tax return in the Netherlands and in Belgium (personal income tax), VAT returns, corporation tax, transfer tax, and gift and inheritance tax? Submitting an accurate return is complicated enough, never mind the relentless changes to our tax system. Perhaps you’ve sold a house and made a capital gain, or a capital gain on your home means you can no longer deduct the mortgage interest on the new home? Or maybe you’re a tax partner, so certain income components are freely attributable?

Consilio accountants & tax professionals give advice on national and international taxation for business owners, freelancers, and individuals.

Tax questions?

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Dutch/Belgian workers

Consilio gives advice to cross-border works from the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany, on both taxation and social security matters. Do you live in Belgium/Germany and receive income from the Netherlands, or do you live in the Netherlands and have income in Belgium/Germany? Are you planning to emigrate or remigrate? As a cross-border worker, you will have dealings with both the Belgian/German and the Dutch tax authorities. You have to take account of various laws and regulations relating to taxation and social security/administration.

Where do you have to pay tax, where are you required to have social insurance cover? If you are a qualifying foreign taxpayer, you also have to submit an income statement. How do you avoid paying tax twice? Can you use the salary split arrangement? Can you take advantage of the 30% rule? What about mortgage interest deduction, child allowance and tax credits?

Does the top-up scheme also apply to my home in Belgium/Germany? I’ve sold my house and made a capital gain, will this affect my interest deduction? Are we tax partners, and therefore entitled to 100% deduction of mortgage interest? What about tax on my pension and annuity? Consilio will take care of your income tax return (C form/M form), as well as your personal income tax return and the return for non-residents.

We also advise cross-border business owners from the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. What is the ideal business structure for you (BV, BVBA, Ltd, permanent establishment or representative)? How can we keep the overall corporation tax burden as low as possible, how do we avoid double-charging of dividend tax and withholding tax on income from movable property?

Consilio has the answers to all your questions. Our specialists will advise you on all cross-border aspects, to ensure that, whether you are a business owner or an individual, you don’t pay unnecessary taxes and contributions. This applies to entrepreneurs and individuals.

Business transfer

Are you looking to transfer your business, acquire a business or sort out your succession planning? This is an important step as a business owner, involving many different considerations and scenarios. It’s important to consider the tax and legal implications, and do the groundwork. As such situations are about people more than cold financial facts, we also consider the human aspect, because emotions also feature heavily in these processes.


Applying for EIA/VAMIL and MIA? We advise you on applying for the small-scale investment tax deduction (KIA), the environmental investment tax deduction (MIA), the voluntary depreciation on environmental investment (VAMIL), and the energy investment deduction (EIA). We also assist with the wage subsidy scheme (WBSO) and advise on and help you take advantage of the Innovation Box.

Legal advice

Questions about employment contracts, help with rental and lease contracts, sale and purchase agreements, assistance for individuals and advice on drafting contracts, collection problems, making gifts – the list goes on. Consilio gives advice and support in the area of corporate law, contract law, social security, employment law, and collection.

Consilio helps you with

  • rental and lease contracts
  • sale and purchase agreements
  • collection problems
  • employment contracts in the Netherlands and abroad
  • 30% ruling

My rock and ally for all my business-related tax matters

Chiefly as regards my own business, but also for businesses and business owners I advise to operate over the border. In this sense too, Consilio is of great help to entrepreneurs and, specifically, to my business contacts

Armand Vliegen
Directeur Euregiomarketing

Extremely knowledgeable

To my mind, a tax professional must like nothing better than searching for and, more importantly, finding the most tax-efficient and financially beneficial set-up for me (and my business). Kind of a tax geek, who is extremely knowledgeable about all the legislation and who has a real flair for balancing the business and the personal side of taxation. All of which adds up to tax advice that puts a smile on your face, because it works, it's feasible, and it's appropriate. Marcel does all that.

Ingrid de Groen

Short lines of communication, expertise, and a progressive attitude

As an experienced national and international entrepreneur, I recommend Consilio's practical, transparent and budget-friendly approach to every potential client, whether they are start-ups or well-known and established business, in any discipline. Short lines of communication, expertise in and access to many subjects and related areas, with a far-sighted and progressive attitude rather than the traditional retrospective view.

Josy Stijns

Personal attention and knowledge

We’ve worked with Consilio for more than 10 years, because of the personal attention we get and their knowledge of the financial and tax issues that are relevant to us.

Floris Drabbe
HRC International BV

Billing and bookkeeping in one, it's perfect

As a newly-established entrepreneur, I can both sort out my bookkeeping electronically and use the Consilio system to bill my customers. Admin takes up very little of my time, and I quickly get an answer to any questions. It's great!

Otto van Wiggen
Mission Command

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